Integrity Education

Whether you work in British racing and have to comply with its Rules or are someone who follows or bets on the sport and is interested in finding out more, the Integrity Education programme could help you.

Having a clear understanding of how the integrity of British racing is safeguarded can offer protection against potential integrity threats which you may come across.

Learning more may also help to prevent you inadvertently acting in a manner which falls short of the sport’s Rules, which set very high standards for appropriate behaviour.  

You can find out about some of the key integrity issues, as well as test your knowledge of some of the measures that are in place.

The Integrity Education programme aims to:

  • Provide you with relevant and easy-to-understand guidance about how you can play your part in keeping racing fair and clean
  • Assist, advise and protect our participants to comply with the Rules of Racing
  • Better inform our participants, media, betting industry and racing public of what is being done to protect the integrity of British racing
  • Educate our participants and racing’s followers on integrity related topics and provide the ability for online self-assessment