Corrupt Approaches and Inside Information

Those involved with British Racing need to be aware of situations that may lead to corrupt approaches and breaches of the Rules of Racing relating to inside information.

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What is a Corrupt Approach?

A Corrupt Approach is;

  • an approach, invitation, offer, inducement, encouragement or similar behaviour, by any person to any participant who is bound by the Rules,
  • to breach the Rules and thereby threaten the integrity of the sport,
  • and may involve benefit of any kind to the participant.

A corrupt approach does not always involve the sharing of Inside Information.

corrupt approaches can be made in many forms. They might be obvious or subtle; be in person, through a third party or via a messaging service; be made by a stranger, casual acquaintance or someone known to you.

If you have the slightest doubt or concern that you have been the subject of a corrupt approach, protect yourself and report it to the BHA Integrity Department. We will make a record and provide you with advice.

It must be noted that any person who is bound by the Rules must report approaches of this nature as soon as is practicable to the BHA.

What is Inside Information?

Inside information is information that is not publicly available or publicly accessible but is known to a participant by virtue of their position within their sport.

In horseracing, inside information is about the likely participation or likely performance of a horse in a race, which is known by an Owner, Trainer, Rider, Stable Employee or any of the Service Providers to the horse as a result of acting as such, and is not information that is in the public domain or publicly available. 

A participant must not communicate inside information directly or indirectly to any other person.